Beauty Tricks

DIY sheet face mask

It is said that homemade cosmetics are the best. Why is that? The answer is simple. Such products contain only carefully selected ingredients and ensure immediate effects. Additionally, they are fun to make. Discover how to create your own sheet face mask that really works.  What do you need to prepare a sheet mask? The

Make-up for sensitive eyes. How to do it and what cosmetics to use?

They water, smart and become reddened? If you’re also afflicted with such ailments during applying eye make-up then it’s high time you replaced the cosmetics. It’s very possible that your eyes are super sensitive and the substances the colour products contain irritate them. Learn what should be done in this painful case. What and how

How to apply cosmetics? Tried and tested rules and techniques.

The way you apply a given cosmetic affects the condition and appearance of your skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a proper application technique that is suitable for the formula of the product. The amount you apply also matters. How to apply beauty products? A few rules for applying cosmetics. First of all,

Break Your Bad Skin Care Habits! How To Treat Couperose Skin?

Red spider veins, blushes, broken capillaries… All of them prove that your skin type is couperose. Probably this is an inherited ‘gift’ from your parents and now you have to learn a few basic care rules that pertain to it. Get to know them so as to make your skin beautiful and healthy again. How

How To Free Your Face From Acne?

Curing acne isn’t that difficult as it may seem to be. In some cases just the application of proper cosmetics and medications is enough to combat this enemy of our skin. Sometimes, besides the preparations themselves, changing a lifestyle is considered to be beneficial, too. However, above all, making an appointment with a dermatologist to

How to look 10 years younger? Try highlighting concealer

Do you apply concealer just under your eyes? It is a mistake because you forget that besides covering concealers, there are also these created to highlight. These are the go-to products to take away few years. In your appearance at least. The concealer is essential for make-up, though the lack of skills in its use

Make-up for those affected by cold. How to hide the red nose?

Watery eyes, chapped lips and red nose? The signs of cold tend to be really troublesome. Luckily enough, we have the whole arsenal of cosmetics and special make-up tricks to cover these temporary flaws of our face. Check out how to do make-up for the sick. What does happen to skin during sickness? During flu

How To Take Care Of Acne Skin After Turning 30?

The factual truth is that not only teenagers struggle with acne. More and more often this problem also afflicts adults whose skin is, naturally, of mature type. Fortunately, the spots, blackheads and discolorations can be eliminated due to the use of proper cosmetics and by changing some unhealthy habits of ours. Learn how to take