How to apply cosmetics? Tried and tested rules and techniques.

The way you apply a given cosmetic affects the condition and appearance of your skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to use a proper application technique that is suitable for the formula of the product. The amount you apply also matters. How to apply beauty products?

A few rules for applying cosmetics.

First of all, wait a moment before applying. It is not recommended to apply products right after taking them out of a packaging. Most of all, it refers to greasy creams and thick foundations. Why shouldn’t you do it? Some products must be warmed up between palms to make the formula more fluid and easier to apply. If you skip this step, the cosmetic won’t be absorbed properly but will leave a greasy and unpleasant layer on the skin.

Second of all, use a few products, especially if you want to deeply condition the skin. The effects and ingredients of products you choose should complement each other. The best idea is to apply a toner, then serum that locks in moisture and lightweight moisturising emulsion.

Thirdly, prevent dehydration. At first, apply products of light formula and hydrating properties. Then, thick and moisturising cosmetics. Use such products after cleansing and exfoliating the skin. In this way, you will prevent even combination or oily skin from dehydration.

Application methods depend on the consistency of the products. If you use a watery, lightweight formula, apply it with fingers, not cotton pads. Remember to evenly spread the cosmetic; the skin cannot be moist. If you leave at least a drop of a watery cosmetic, it may dehydrate the skin. Richer formulas must be rubbed in between palms and then applied to facial skin. Rub emulsions and lotions in hands and apply to skin. Don’t forget to spread the cosmetic well. Warm up the thickest formulas in your fingers and apply to face. Be careful not to create a greasy layer.