Lashcode Eyelash Serum can be used by anyone who desires long, thick and full lashes. It is designed for day-to-day lash care, growth boost and protection of the fragile lash hair. It is a good Lashcodechoice if you aren’t happy about your lashes and want to enhance their natural beauty, and make them bolder.


This lightweight formula penetrates the skin of eyelids once it’s applied, enhancing the hair follicles which are responsible for the health of our lashes. Every use of the serum makes them stronger, nourishes and revitalizes. Lashcode also maintains optimal levels of hydration and protects against external aggressors, for example free radicals. In turn, lashes are thicker, longer and healthier. It boosts elasticity, smoothes and adds shine, and can even make their colour slightly darker. Finally, it gives us lashes that stun with length and volume, plus the eyes are gorgeously defined.

This is possible thanks to ingredients infused into Lashcode Serum. The formula is high in natural plant extracts, including skullcap root extract (known as Baicalein), wheat germ extract and soy germ extract, plus arginine, peptide complex, and innovative substances to stimulate faster lash growth effectively and safely. There is no room for unnecessary ingredients and each component has been carefully selected having a role to play. What we receive is lashes looking better day by day.

It cannot be skipped that Lashcode Eyelash Serum is problem-free as far as the application goes. You simply remove your make-up as usual, cleanse the eye area and apply a tiny amount of the serum on the eyelash line. The thin brush precisely smoothes the liquid across the skin making sure your eyes are safe.

Lashcode Serum requires every-day application while the full treatment takes approx. 6 months or longer. After just 2 or 3 weeks you can spot the first delicate effects. The maximum results take around 2 months to appear.

Last of all, a fun fact: the brand, which made this brilliant serum, has one more lash-conditioning product in the offer named Lashcode Mascara. The manufacturer advises to use both products at the same time to get the best effects. Step 1 involves nourishing and boosting growth while step 2 focuses on creating flawless make-up with an extra conditioning effect on lashes.


  • the serum makes lashes grow faster
  • thickens and makes them fuller
  • has a conditioning effect
  • comes in a bigger tube than most serums (5 ml)
  • is easy to use
  • is the first step towards gorgeous lashes
  • comes in a nice tube


  • is available online only
  • must be used on a daily basis