Nanolash eyelash serum

Basically, Nanolash eyelash serum fulfills several extremely crucial features. It stimulates follicles to more efficient work and, at the same time, it boosts new lashes to grow. This action can be observed especially in inner corners of the eyes, where the young lashes grow the fastest and are visible at most. What is more, Nanolash eyelash serum makes eyelashes grow long and thick, doubles their volume and darkens these as well. Additionally, Nanolash eyelash serum has the power to strengthen, regenerate and nourish damaged or even completely destroyed eyelashes. Furthermore, the cosmetic has got caring properties which safeguard eyelid skin against any irritations. The complete course of Nanolash treatment lasts six months. The people free to undergone Nanolash treatment are the ones whose eyelashes are thin, short, damaged with beautifying treatments (for example, curling on a heated eyelash curler, henna or false eyelashes attachment,) as well as the people carving for longer, healthier, stronger and prettier eyelashes.

During course of the treatment, it is suggested to apply Nanolash eyelash serum every evening, especially at bedtime.

The application should be performed after precise makeup removal, drying face and washing hands. In order to put on the product, one has to use the brush provided. With the aid of it, one has to draw an imaginative line on both upper and lower eyelash root line. Basically, Nanolash eyelash serum is fast to get absorbed, neither runs down to eyes nor leaves wet marks on the eyelids.

The ingredients of Nanolash eyelash serum was selected in such a way to provide a full range of substances enabling eyelashes to grow, regenerate, become moisturized and improve their density. Due to these components, skin around eyes is smooth and well-cared, and throughout the complete course of the treatment, any single irritation or even a slight discomfort are not formed.

The effects of Nanolash beatifying treatment are noticeable just after fifteen days from the first product application. The ultimate results are visible after two months of regular Nanolash eyelash serum application. In order to support gained outcomes, it is suggested to apply Nanolash eyelash serum a few times per week. 3 ml of the product is enough for conducting the complete course of the treatment.


  • stimulates growth of new eyelashes
  • lengthens, improves density, darkens
  • strengthens, nourishes, regenerates
  • easy application
  • effects obtained after 15 days
  • no irritations
  • for all eyelash types
  • solid package


  • regularity of application