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Eyelash Beautifying Methods. Which One Will You Choose?

Eyelash extensions, volume extensions, tinting, perm… Only some of the eyelash beautifying methods. You don’t even realize how amazing your lashes can look when you decorate them with special pieces of jewellery or fancy false eyelashes in different hues. Must check out! Eyelash Henna The fastest, cheapest and safe way for coloring lashes and brows.

Step-By-Step Eyelash Extension. Before You Make for the Beauty Salon…

Eyelash extensions are getting more and more popular. Reason? Women desire to look attractive, feel feminine or simply look pretty every day. If you also want to amaze with beauty, discover eyelash extension techniques and rules that must be followed after the treatment. Eyelash Extension Essentials Every professional beauty salon must be equipped with eyelash

Eyelashes & All You Should Know – Care, Makeup and Extension

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Some people believe that eyes show the person’s real nature. If you want to be positively perceived, take care of their ‘setting’ – your eyelashes. To do it right, you must discover all the lash secrets. Ready? Eyelashes – Bit of Anatomy People

Natural vs False. How to Extend Eyelashes & Apply Mascara?

Women love to put on makeup, color their hair, improve their bodies. It seems they don’t like the gifts from Mother Nature. It’s similar in their approach to eyelashes. Women have them extended, coated with mascara and decorated using lots of ways. Are these the right things to do? Let’s check if natural lashes are