Step-By-Step Eyelash Extension. Before You Make for the Beauty Salon…

Eyelash extensions are getting more and more popular. Reason? Women desire to look attractive, feel feminine or simply look pretty every day. If you also want to amaze with beauty, discover eyelash extension techniques and rules that must be followed after the treatment. Eyelash Extension Essentials Every professional beauty salon must be equipped with eyelash

Mascara: Meet the tricks that make application easier and improve the effect

The dream about incredibly long, dense and deep black eyelashes still accompanies many women. Unfortunately, without eyelash conditioner with spectacular action or eyelash extensions it is hard to obtain such effect. Unless, you know 5 secret tricks, that come handy during the everyday application of mascara. Incredible effects, guaranteed! Too fine, too short, too straight

Rainbow eyelashes? Try Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator

Flirt Flashes Lash Applicator is an original, newest trend and one of a kind gadget for attaching eyelashes. For unknown reason the other name of this little device is a Lash Gun. Every beauty maniac needs to have it! Let’s see how you should use this applicator to have rainbow eyelashes. Flirt is a brand

Natural vs False. How to Extend Eyelashes & Apply Mascara?

Women love to put on makeup, color their hair, improve their bodies. It seems they don’t like the gifts from Mother Nature. It’s similar in their approach to eyelashes. Women have them extended, coated with mascara and decorated using lots of ways. Are these the right things to do? Let’s check if natural lashes are