Make-up for sensitive eyes. How to do it and what cosmetics to use?

They water, smart and become reddened? If you’re also afflicted with such ailments during applying eye make-up then it’s high time you replaced the cosmetics. It’s very possible that your eyes are super sensitive and the substances the colour products contain irritate them. Learn what should be done in this painful case.

What and how do substances cause allergic reactions?

Indeed, colour cosmetics contain many irritating and allergy-triggering substances. In most cases these are fragrances and colourants, synthetic substances produced in laboratories, preservatives and other compounds the origins of which you wouldn’t like to be aware of. Interestingly, allergies can be caused by natural substances as well. These are, for example, lanoline, bee products and petroleum jelly. What kind of irritations can be triggered due to these ingredients? The most frequent are: bulbar conjunctiva inflammation, swelling, skin reddening, watery eye.

Which cosmetics to use?

If your eyes are sensitive, give a go to hypoallergic cosmetics. Choose pale shades, pastels and the ones that are close to your skin colour (nude). Products of vivid and intensive colours can include irritating substances. In a drug store or pharmacy look for the products which are composed of a few substances only. Hypoallergic preparations contain soothing and relieving substances which you can find in, for example, thermal water. Also, when applying make-up, use matte cosmetics. Why is that? Their particles are grinded better, neither flake nor get into eyes so, as a result, they don’t cause irritations. What’s also worth mentioning, they don’t contain pearl mass which is known for causing irritations. It’s also a good idea to replace waterproof mascaras with henna. This natural powder will provide your eyelashes with a pretty effect of perfectly coated and dark eyelashes.

Make-up accessories

Throw away all used-up applicators. You should also consider redundant all the sponges that are made of rough materials. The layer of cosmetics that can’t be removed from the applicator combined with the porous material used to produce such applicators can irritate eye skin area considerably. Way better are the brushes that feature soft bristle. Remember to cleanse them regularly with a disinfecting lotion.

How to remove make-up?

Use only cotton pads soaked with a gently acting cosmetic. Don’t rub the eye skin area and eyelashes too vigorously because you can irritate them and weaken. Basically, all you have to do is press the cotton pad against your eyelid and wait for a little while until the cosmetics melt. Repeat this activity till the cosmetic pad will be clean. Remember that only precise make-up removal prevents irritations that may occur during your night-time rest.