How To Take Care Of Acne Skin After Turning 30?

The factual truth is that not only teenagers struggle with acne. More and more often this problem also afflicts adults whose skin is, naturally, of mature type. Fortunately, the spots, blackheads and discolorations can be eliminated due to the use of proper cosmetics and by changing some unhealthy habits of ours. Learn how to take care of acne skin after turning 30.

Use of improper cosmetics, adverse weather conditions, hormones fluctuations, stress and a poor diet – these are the most common reasons of acne and blackhead formation. Not-fully-cured acne combined with some medications intake may encourage scars or discolorations to develop. The same factors may be even responsible for new focuses of inflammation. Also, for taking care of mature skin the systematic use matching preparations it regarded as extremely important. Such care products include cosmetics containing anti-oxidants, so the substances which protect skin form harmful action of factors originating form the external environment. In short, anti-oxidants slows down skin ageing processes.

So how to take care of acne skin after turning 30?

The most essential here is application of cosmetics that are strictly dedicated to this particular skin type. For that reason, a preparation used for skin cleansing procedure should act twofold: effectively, yet gently. It’s also worth using toners or lotions that restore proper pH level to skin. Systematically apply water-delivering creams that are destined to provide morning and evening care. Moreover, quite an effective solution is the use of care products containing retinol. Your face skin condition improvement will be also encouraged by changing the colour cosmetics. Make sure that the make-up items you use match acne and mature skin type.

Which cosmetics are supposed to take the best care of mature skin with tendency to acne? For face washing use foams which will regulate work of your sebaceous glands. Also, make use of the creams the action of which is soothing, water-delivering and anti-bacterial. Furthermore, excellent results are also achieved thanks to application of serums including anti-oxidant agents. On the other hand, avoid products containing alcohol, dense and oily formula as well as coarse-grained peelings. Furthermore, you can make a good use of cosmetics with sunscreens, vitamin A, C and E, hyaluronic acid, and enzymatic peelings. So as to enhance action of cosmetics, change of life style will be absolutely crucial. Exclude processed food from your diet, drink at least one litre of fresh water daily and practice sport.