Break Your Bad Skin Care Habits! How To Treat Couperose Skin?

Red spider veins, blushes, broken capillaries… All of them prove that your skin type is couperose. Probably this is an inherited ‘gift’ from your parents and now you have to learn a few basic care rules that pertain to it. Get to know them so as to make your skin beautiful and healthy again.

How Does Red Spider Veins Occur?

These tiny threads and oblong marks that are located shallow underneath our skin, occur as a result of reaction to intense stimulus. As a consequence, face becomes pinkish, reddish or in the extreme cases even purple. If this state of matter holds out long then we are dealing with so-called erythema. The walls of blood vessels degrade, are weak and lose the ability to contract and enlarge properly. In some cases, this condition might end up in severe and even very serious complications known as acne rosacea.

How To Take Care Of Couperose Skin.

Let’s begin with the things you should stay away from. Skin that is ‘decorated’ with red spider veins gets seriously harmed by rapid changes in temperature as well as because of long exposure to dry and air-conditioned rooms. Also, couperose skin doesn’t like spending time in sauna, taking hot baths, solar radiation, stimulants (including strong tea and coffee), sparkling drinks, hot spices, and even alcohol. But how to take a good care of skin with broken capillaries? You’re going to find a few guidelines below:

use soft, boiled water for face washing – chlorine and detergents damage epidermis and gradually destroy protective hydro-lipid barrier of skin
combat free radicals – sensitive and vascularised skin ages faster, collagen fibres lose their flexibility and level of elastin gets lower
give a delicate face massage while washing it – couperose skin doesn’t like being rubbed violently as it dislikes coarse-grained peelings and being washed with the use of detergents
include the following vitamins into your diet: C, E, K, B, PP – don’t hesitate to take diet supplements or apply cosmetics with the content of the very vitamins
laser – such beauty treatments are able to remove broken blood vessels and make the face skin beautiful again
UV filters, enzymatic peelings and medications – don’t hesitate to use sunscreens with high UV filters every day, twice a week use peelings that remove dead epidermis cells in a super gentle way and take medications prescribed by a dermatologist